How your home can help your wellbeing and attract buyers in London

Our home is a place where we should feel safe and able to relax. As we’ve been confined to our properties for such a long time in London, and we need them to be a space of calm.  Our homes are more than where we live, they are now schools and workplaces too, and it’s important that they support our mental health.  Designing your home with this in mind will also make it extremely attractive to potential buyers, as they will experience a feeling of ‘home’ when they are viewing.  That’s why now is the perfect time to design your home to help your wellbeing.

Getting the lighting right

Light can impact how we feel: natural light helps concentration levels, maintains good eye health and also reduces the need for artificial light.  Natural light is wonderful as it can transform spaces and make them seem bigger, which will no doubt appeal to potential buyers, so let in as much light as you can by opening blinds and curtains.  You can also use a mirror opposite a window to reflect and maximise the natural light in a room.  A bright and airy home will not just appeal to buyers, it has health benefits too, as it can help to regularise your sleep pattern and allow your body to follow its natural circadian rhythm.

When natural light isn’t enough, you need to use a variety of lighting solutions so you can adapt the light levels in each room depending on your mood or the time of day.  Lamps in corners always create a homely and relaxing look in the evening, whereas a ceiling light is better during the day.  If you have a viewing when the day is a little grey, combining natural with artificial will ensure you maximise the light in each room.

A room to live

Your living room should be a space where you feel comfortable, where you can spend time together as a family, and where you can relax and restore.  Although there is a trend for open-plan living, having a separate living room will aid your mental wellbeing.  Think about how you furnish this room, make sure it’s clutter-free as mess doesn’t induce a sense of calm.  Noise can be reduced by using thick curtains and the soft furnishings you choose will help to enhance a relaxing atmosphere, as well as keeping those potential buyers happy.

Defined spaces

As many of us are having to work from home, space to do this is a feature that buyers are now looking for in London, so it’s essential that you create defined spaces for working and relaxing.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a spare room or garden building where they can create a bespoke working space away from family life.  By ‘zoning’ your home you can create a defined space, even if it’s not in a separate room, a desk and a stylish office chair carves out a working space that works for you.  Try and keep it away from your calming spaces, such as your living room and bedroom, but simply by having a designated place to work means you can walk away and hopefully switch off at the end of the day.

Add some plants

It is well documented that gardens have a restorative effect, and indoor plants can help anxieties and create a home that enhances wellbeing.  This is because particular house plants are able to improve your home’s air quality and studies have also found they can help to reduce anxiety and, if you work from home, you will be pleased to know they also aid attentiveness and productivity.

In your workspace we would recommend you place succulents; they really are a stress-free plant as they’re hard to kill.  These little plants are known to help reduce anxiety but can also improve your concentration, productivity and mood.  In your living space, plants like lavender and jasmine are fantastic, both have relaxing qualities with their calming scents that can also help you sleep a lot better.   Indoor plants bring the outdoors in; they also make your home happier and healthier – what more could a potential buyer want when looking for a home in London?

Happier home

When you design a home that benefits your wellbeing, it is bound to make a positive impression on others.   For more advice on selling your home, contact Right Now Residential on 020 3002 2650.