Types Of Estate Agents You Should Avoid

Published: 22/06/2022

Hiring the right estate agent is essential if you don’t want to lose money and spend your days feeling stressed out. Agents should be doing everything they can to help provide you with the best service and result, but there are some with ulterior motives who you must avoid at all costs.

Estate Agents To Watch Out For

The Overpromising Agent

Some real estate agents are extremely talented at selling you a dream that does not exist. They will come up with all kinds of incredible promises that never manifest and leave you feeling disappointed. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Pay attention to false phrases they may say such as ‘double your asking price’ and ‘instant sale’.  Before you know it, you’re a few days on the market and you’re already being told to drop your price.
To make sure you’re not dealing with a con artist, ask for evidence when they promise you fast and favourable results. Honest agents will show you their market research to back up their claims and explain the rationale behind your listing price so that you feel fully informed.
The Absent Agent

Good communication between an agent and a client is imperative when trying to buy or sell a home. Sadly, some real estate agents go AWOL as soon as you sign a contract with them.
Before you sign with any property experts, keep an eye on how responsive they are to your calls and if they genuinely seem helpful; what is the quality of service before you’ve even become a client.  A good agent will offer constructive advice throughout your selling journey and keep you informed about changes in the local market which may affect your property’s ability to sell.

The Arrogant Agent

These estate agents think they know absolutely everything about the property market and will often claim they are the best in the industry.
Agents like this are so egotistical that they won’t even listen to your needs, they will just assume they know what’s best for you and attempt to make all the decisions.  If you’re looking to buy, they may waste your time by presenting properties you have no interest in, especially without adding some context as to why they think it could be right for you.

One way to identify if an agent is overly arrogant or not is to pay attention to how many questions they ask you. If they are making bold statements the majority of the time, this is a sign you should look for a new agent to deal with.

Good property agents possess a genuine desire to get your property sold and also to help you find the perfect home if you’re searching. For these agents, it is not about further inflating their ego. Instead, they want to make a positive difference by providing honest and constructive evidence, supported by evidence and factual information to yield results.