Why London buyers need an estate agent now more than ever

Published: 18/02/2022

Why London buyers need an estate agent now more than ever You are ready! All the pieces have come together and that dream of being a homeowner in London is in arm’s reach. The game plan is in place, you have the key property portal apps downloaded, you have set some email notifications, so you never miss a thing. Yet, with all the planning, there is one key thing that you may not be aware of, and one major necessity you have overlooked. In today’s market, you need an estate agent more than ever.

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The facts

The property market over the last couple of years has been frantic. And, with an expected slowdown this year, what will the predictions be for next month?  According to hot-off-the-press data from Rightmove, compared with last year, the number of new properties coming onto the market is up by 11% in the last three weeks, whilst the demand from buyers during the same period is up by 32%. Their analysed data also shows that March is historically the month where, on average, we see the highest number of buyers enquiring.

With demand from buyers only set to rise and the number of properties available still low, how can you compete?
The hidden truth

When a property comes on the market, it is always marketed in a variety of places online to reach the widest audience, but this is not the reality for many homes. The hidden truth is that there are thousands of properties that are sold every year that you will not find on Rightmove, nor will there be a For Sale sign – in effect they are sold in secret.

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Why be discreet? 

There are many reasons why a seller decides they wish to keep their home move private and away from the public eye. They wish to keep the news away from their neighbours, not disrupt their children, or even because the move will be an emotional one and, therefore, the quieter it happens the better.  Many sellers choose this way of selling because they believe they will attract a better quality of buyer, and this is correct as the only way a buyer will know of such a property is through an estate agent.

Build a relationship

We completely understand that, as a buyer, you want to oversee your home search; you want to view properties that have caught your eye and are in a location you prefer. Building a relationship with a London estate agent may not be something that has crossed your mind because you think they only work for the seller. And, yes, in many ways we are there to act on the sellers’ behalf, but we are also here for buyers. Ensuring you find the right property is just as important to us as ensuring the seller finds the right buyer, because this will hopefully lend itself to a smoother sales process and a quicker sale.

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What we need to know

When you start your search for your new home, come to chat to a member of our sales team. Let them know about the type of property you are looking for and the lifestyle you are seeking. There is no guarantee that we will have such a home now, but we could be called out for a valuation tomorrow and be confident in saying to the seller: ‘We have a buyer looking for a home like yours’. It isn’t just about knowing what you want and need, but we can also take you through our qualification process which will give sellers the confidence that you are a serious buyer and, in a position, to proceed.

And what about those secret homes, those hidden away from the popular property portals? If you are known to us, and keep in contact, when such a home arises, and should we believe, it could be of interest, you will be getting a call. Often the properties that are perfect don’t always come in the package we had dreamed of, so trust our instinct – what have you got to lose by viewing? You could find that you are stepping inside your next home.

Never underestimate

We know that, as an estate agent, we are never at the top of a buyer’s contact list, but we hope this article has given you some insight into why we should be high up on your ‘finding-a-new-home’ list.  Stay ahead of the competition and let us give you a helping hand to find your next property in London. Give our sales team at Right Now Residential a call today on 020 3002 2650