Property Agents London Bridge

Property Agents London Bridge

Property Agents London Bridge

Right Now Residential property agents cover London Bridge and the surrounding area. Our team of property agents will help you buy, sell or rent a property in London Bridge.

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An Introduction to London Bridge

London Bridge is a concrete and steel river crossing built in 1973. The bridge itself may not be overly interesting, but it lends its name to the surrounding area, which is full of bars, eateries, shops and things to do and see. This area stretches itself between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, it is one of the oldest areas of London, and is also one of the busiest commuter hubs.

Travel Links in London Bridge

London Bridge is the fourth busiest train station in the U.K., and is well connected to both London itself, and the wider country. The station offers services to the rest of London on the Northern and Jubilee London lines. The station also runs Thameslink, GTR and SouthEastern railway services to areas such as Brighton, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells.

London Bridge is well located in the heart of London, so you are within walking distance of many of London’s best known sites. There are also an abundance of TfL buses passing through the area, so you will never find yourself stuck for transport options.

Our Local Knowledge

This is a vibrant area with many world-famous restaurants, museums and buildings. London Bridge still nods to its heritage, with cobbled streets, narrow alleys and traditional pubs, but it blends these aspects with striking, modern features, such as The Shard and City Hall. The best way to get a feel for London Bridge is by spending a day aimlessly wandering the area. You will find undiscovered treats tucked away in the alleys of this charismatic location. 

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Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent, our property agents in London Bridge can help. We are a small, independent agency in London, who have a big reach. We know that one of life’s certainties is that everyone needs a home, we have the exciting opportunity of making this process an enjoyable experience for all involved.







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